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seats, a bookie, who did not want to be named, told ians. They are getting 10 extra seats, said the bookie. We are not opening a book for the AAP and the Congress, he said. We are predicting 65 seats to the AAP in Punjab. The local satta guys might be taking different prices for each assembly seat, like Rs 10 for Re 1, but at state level rate is Re 1 for Re 1, said the bookie.
A day prior to this disclosure of trade secrets at Hapur, Vivek Mahajan ( name changed a mega punter of Delhi, explained the intricacies of political gambling. Furthermore, it drove a stake at the heart of political betting when punters went wrong for the first time in a big ticket election. The bookies are wagering heavily on the Samajwadi Party taking the reins of the state with the support of the Congress- Rashtriya Lok Dal combine. The idea is to create an atmosphere that it is a winning party and hope that voters would swing towards. Ahead of the final phase of voting in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections on Saturday, the mandi traders of Hapur have gone one up on psephologists and listed their odds. The Congress and Aam Aadmi Party do not figure in the calculations of the bookies, who told ians that both these parties are merely mute spectators in the UP Assembly elections.

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Battleground Lucknow 2022: Satta Bazar still bats for BJP Bookies are offering 100 for 100 for both the BJP and Samajwadi Party. UP is matkaparivar com satta bazar the largest state with 80MPS and the royal battle lucknow satta bazar for 2014 PM race. There is increase in number of Samajwadi Party. Since the last 21 years, no party has returned to power in the state, and if bookies' prediction comes true, then the BJP will create a new trend. Get the news updates on, whatsApp Telegram by subscribing to our channels.
Sunil Kumar Garg is a sober, distinguished mustard flower trader at Hapur Patiya mandi despite downing a peg or two. Hapur: The satta markets of Hapur, Lucknow, and, Delhi are predicting the return of the BJP to power in Uttar Pradesh, but with a curtailed majority of 220 seats. He further pointed out: Traders have the pulse of every village that comes under their market. There are no bids for other parties. The mood of the traders sitting beside him around 5 pm, the closing time for polling in the penultimate phase of the states elections, is breezy made easy by the almost empty bottle of Royal Stag whisky perched beside them. It is also noteworthy that the party positions have changed dramatically on the bet- ometer as the polls have progressed. In the early trends of the elections, they had given it 130 seats. In UP, everything suddenly turned on its head.

Lucknow sasta bazar, Lucknow. Cod available wholesale clothes also available retail and wholesalers. 126 likes 4 talking about this. The satta bazaar is taking the help of professionals and paid services to run their operations, and are catering only to trusted customers, to save themselves from the police.

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Satta Bazar: Lucknow West seat has the highest one Farmers have played a faridabad satta bazar com crucial role to kapil satta bazar divide the votes, otherwise the BJP will get more seats. For all the latest. According to Garg and Gupta, the big surprises in this election are Rahul Gandhi and the Congress. In Uttarakhand, it is only the BJP.
About Uttarakhand, the bookie said that the saffron party was creating its magic with 34 seats as per their calculation. Getting deeper into the subject, Mahajan revealed: The bookies are only keepers of funds; the stakes are decided as the volume of money flows in from bets. They are getting 10 extra seats said the bookie. Barely 60 km from Delhi, Hapur is a hub for mustard flower trading an essential commodity in the area as the just- harvested fields along National Highway 2 reveal. The punters wager as of now is as follows: the SP leads with seats; BSP is in second place with 97- 100 seats; the Congress and RLD notch up a score of 60- 63 seats; and the BJP gets 75- 78 seats. We have not given option of other parties here. The bookies said that they had predicted that after early losses, the BJP would emerge winner with a majority.

Indulge in digital reading experience of ET newspaper exactly as. Read Now Read More News. Lucknow bazar chart lucknow bazar satta chart lucknow bazar satta record lucknow bazar satta king lucknow bazar satta game. Satta, bazar : Lucknow, west seat has the highest one to five times bets, one lakh rupees each on the candidates. Presswire18 0 Comments February 25, 2022.

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Satta Bazar still bats for dubai bazar satta BJP victory He added slyly: We are open to all channels of information and we know how to get to them. In an election, we are the first to know which way people are inclined to vote; it is at mandis that the odds are first decided and the word spreads around the state like wildfire, Garg finally admits. Bashful at first, Garg says the Hapur mandi stakes are modest.
But the mandi is also susceptible to political manipulation and it is here that money power can perhaps influence an election. Ians spoke to different bookies to know who they were predicting for the other contenders, and they said that the Samajwadi Party will emerge as the major opposition party with 135 to 140 seats. "There is increase in number of Samajwadi Party. Bookies, who run the satta market, have also predicted the people of Punjab may see a new party in power after years, as they give 65 seats to the Aam Aadmi Party in the 117-member Assembly. Hapur a reserved seat for scheduled castes, so there is no big money play here. The information comes from knowledgeable people from politicians, to their advisers, to intelligence officials, even journalists. These could range from Hindu consolidation owing to the Congresss insistence on Muslim reservation in the OBC", to the high voter turnout among youths. He said that like the UP Assembly elections, they were offering Rs 100 for Rs 100 only. The daily information flow from villages, talukas and districts to the affiliated mandis in each state smooth, reliable and efficient a market information system that has worked wonders for commodities speculation and trading for ages.

Naresh Sharma, Amar Ujala, Lucknow. Published by: ishwar ashish Updated Fri, 01:15 PM IST. Satta, bazar garam for, lucknow, gaddi. March 3, 2012 March 3, 2012 by wajid.

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